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Pallets are ideal for creating efficient loading units. They enable the relocation of large quantities of products in integrated units, which eliminates handling of individual pieces.
Products are stored on a pallet so as to create a single solid unit, which avoids crushing, displacement or damage.

Types of Pallets

Standard pallets 
1200x800 mm
Load capacity: 800 kg

EUR pallets
We produce “EURO pallets” with dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm, which are properly labelled by an etched emblem of the Member State, the manufacturer's code, year of manufacture and the oval “EUR“ stamp. Our company is certified to repair EURO pallets with dimensions of 1200 x 800 mm, which conform to UIC 435-2 and UIC 435-4 norms (see Certification).
Load capacity: 1t

Plywood pallets
These are mainly produced for exports to the USA.

800x600 mm on prisms
800x600 mm on cubes
1340x800 mm
2550x750 mm
2400x800 mm




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