Our own saw mill

For the manufacture of wooden containers we buy logs from regional forests, which are processed at our saw mill.

Drying and heat treatment

DřevotradingLtd. owns a license for a certified timber treatment method “heattreatment “which is carried out in ourcertified wood drying kiln

Indicators of impact and rollover

Each product is labelled with handling marks (weight limit, protect from rain, fragile/handle with care, this way up). Proper labelling is a prerequisite for proper cargo handling, its safe storage and security, including delivery to its proper destination.

Safe transportation

When transporting our products from the point of manufacture to the point of consumption we use liquid impact and tip –over indicators“TIP – N – TELL”. Liquid impact indicators allow us to monitor mechanical stress of the products.

Other reasons to start working with us.

Dřevotrading – The Power of Experience

We specialise in manufacturing of wooden containers and providing complex services in logistics, such as packing products in wood, cardboard and plastic packaging and loading of overseas containers including vacuum packing.

Among our biggest purchasers are clients from Austria, Italy and Belgium and since 2002 also customers from the USA and China.

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