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When packing into boxes and containers, the nature and properties of the cargo must be considered. For example, its mechanical resistance, elasticity, fragility, susceptibility to corrosion, damage by penetration of moisture or freezing etc.

To avoid adverse effects arising from the nature and characteristics of the goods, we must take measures not only during the packaging and container filling processes, but also while securing the load.

When selecting packaging, we are responsible for creating a functional shipping container and the associated barrier system which reduces the risk of damage to the cargo. For overseas packaging, our company uses barrier films for the following reasons:
Limiting the access of oxygen (O2) into the packaging extends product shelf life;
Limiting migration of water (H2O) from products (drying) or vice versa – penetration of moisture into products (wetting);
Limiting odour, flavour and fat penetration;
Maintaining a specific environment inside the packaging (vacuum packaging).

Before choosing a particular film for packing a product we must analyse the requirements for preserving the product, shelf life, the method of packaging and the price of the packaging material.

Packaking in boxes, containers and Overseas Packaging

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